Thighs Lift


The inner surface of the thighs tends to relax over the year or after a heavyweight loss. The combination of fat deposition with relaxation creates a continuous friction surface between legs that causes serious discomfort during walking. In most of the cases, the combination of liposuction in conjunction with thigh lift surgery offers a youthful appearance in this area while it solves the problem of local friction of the skin.

Surgical technique

  The thighs are incised with a T-shaped incision, starting at the beginning of the inner surface of the thigh adjacent to the groin. Many patients essentially want to avoid the long vertical scar and achieve the recovery only by the horizontal incision hidden in the thoracic aspect, but in most cases, this correction can only be applied in a few cases, and in addition, all interventions are combined with liposuction. Early mobilization is very important to avoid complications. The drains placed are removed after two days, at the same time as the patient leaves the clinic. A pressure garment is applied steadily for 4 - 6 weeks, especially if local liposuction has been applied.