The technique of hair removal with Laser it the best solution in order to finally get rid of annoying hairs forever with truly convincing results!

  The use of Candela laser offers this result. These are powerful laser systems characterized by the high energy density and fast pulse sequence and guarantee short treatment times.

Which areas can be addressed?

  Armpits, legs, Bikini line, face, chest, back and abdominal area. Laser for hairs removal is suitable for both women and men. Specifically, dark hair responds very well to laser treatment. Remember how much time and money you can save by avoiding other ways of epilating!

What the procedure during laser?

  Laser light penetrates the skin without destroying it and absorbs at a depth of 2-4 mm from pigments found in the hair follicle, hair follicles. The laser light pulse is so accurate and lasts only fractions of a second so that the surrounding structures are not affected, but it permanently destroys the hair follicle.

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

  With the cooling of the skin, offered by the Gantlelase Candela system, the sensation of pain tends to be eliminated. Skin anesthesia is not necessary. After treatment appears for a short time, a slight redness of the skin.

How long does the treatment last?

  It depends on the body region. Depending on the area they receive and the size of the side, the duration of the treatment may take from a few minutes for the upper lip to 1 hour for the feet.

What to do after treatment?

Shortly before and after laser treatment, it should be avoided the strong sunshine.