Reduction - Breast lift  


This procedure achieves a smaller size and shaped breast, full nipple sensation with a painless postoperative course. Breastfeeding does not affect after a pregnancy. More specifically :


  There are any doubts that the breast is a significant organ in the birth and the lactation for the woman and also it is part of her body that has very sensitive psychologically consequences. An aged or falling chest is a starting point for a woman to question her ability to attract the attention of the opposite sex.


  Modern Plastic Surgery has the potential to raise a downward chest with minimal incisions that disappear into the post-surgery level. This is an operation that takes place under general anaesthesia for about 2 hours and after that, the woman ends up with an uplifted chest that remembers a chest that she had in the end of the teen-age. By using the technique of vertical mammoplasty, the incisions are smaller and this must be contrasted with many older techniques which, due to the large and particularly visible incisions that discouraged patients.

  The patient should stay a night in the hospital after the surgery and in the next morning, she could go back to her home with any danger for her health. However, the first 20 - 30 days, the patient wears a sports bra while the sutures are removed in 2 weeks after the surgery.

  In case the fall chest is "empty", the above procedure also combined with a growth and placement of inserts in order to achieve the best possible aesthetic result.


  The rich chest is undoubtedly the courage of many women who were not fortunate enough to have it. From the other, a very large chest is a major obstacle for the woman. It leads to poor posture, development of problems in the musculoskeletal system and spinal cord in particular, tendency to avoid social sports activities and consequently easy weight gain.

  The reduction of an oversized and unpleasant breast is now made by Dr. Zousi Boukouvala based on the principles of modern plastic surgery seeking as far as possible the elimination of postoperative scars. Thus, the incisions are particularly small and inconspicuous since they completely heal and the result is both natural and aesthetically pleasing.


  The surgery is under general anaesthesia and it has a duration of 2 hours. It takes one day to stay in the hospital. Postoperatively the patient wears a rubber bra for one month. This is intended to support the breast, to quickly de-emphatic it and to avoid pain during the patient's movements.

  Usually, patients who choose this surgery postoperatively find that it was much easier for them than they believed and relatively painless. It changes very much the everyday life of the patient and, more importantly, her psychological mood.