Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)  


The main purpose of the Blepharoplasty is to solve the problem of eyelid relaxation, to remove the bags, lift 1-2 mm of the exterior angle that is formed by the edges of the eyelids and give a youthful tone in the face and the glance.

However, the wrinkles around the eyes (goosefoot) could not be corrected fully by blepharoplasty. Also, the drop of the eyebrows could be corrected only if the operation is accompanied by a lift in the forehead.

The need for blepharoplasty is not determined by age, but by the problems that may exist in the eyelids. Thus, bags may also exist at an early age, possibly dictating the need for blepharoplasty.

  With blepharoplasty, the swollen eyes are permanently removed, while eyelid relaxation continues after blepharoplasty at a slower rate. On the 4th day, the stitches are removed, just like the movies. The bruises disappear after a week.