This procedure removes excess skin in the area of the arm-armpit. In the case of large relaxation in these areas, becomes large incision along the arm, while in case of a lesser degree of relaxation, it could become a smaller incision hidden in the armpit.

More detail:

  Often weight fluctuations, abstention from athletics and the overpass of the age, lead to a relaxation in the arm area. When relaxation is small and fat is predominant, then a liposuction procedure can solve the problem. However, when the excess skin is large then the appropriate method is to arm anchorages.


  It is a surgery that gives a lasting solution to relaxation in this area of the body. In this case, it would be a small incision of a crescent shape in the armpit area, and the loose skin of the middle and posterior surface of the arm tends towards the armpit. The incision completely disappears into the axillary cavity and becomes very impenetrable. The procedure is often combined with liposuction in the area as long as there is evidence.

The duration of the surgery is about 2 hours.

   Postoperatively, the patient wears an elastic bandage on the arms to ensure a smooth recovery. The patient, some hours after surgery, leaves for her home. The return to her day-to-day activities is a matter of a maximum of two days.

  Arm rehabilitation solves the problem of loose arms, tightens and raises the area through particularly discreet incisions and restores a very youthful body image.