Buttock Lift  


The relaxation and the falling of the buttocks are two of the most common problems for women and are usually due to age, sudden weight loss or incorrect liposuction techniques performed on the buttock.

  In the case of high relaxation, they need radical interventions in order to come back and to be better than before. There are many methods that could be applied for buttock lift. Eventually, the method, that will be followed, depends on the problem of each woman faces. Also, it could take more or less time depending on the size of the problem. However, it is necessary to be made by a plastic surgeon who knows the object, the anatomy and general symmetry of the area, so it would not create unpleasant aesthetic effects after the surgery.

  The newest method of silicone lattice gluteal buttock recovery is a particularly elegant aesthetic approach to the problem of relaxation in this area. Through this way, it would be a very small incisional at the upper limit of the middle buttock and it would insert a silicone matrix, that is spreading on the whole of the buttocks area.

This method has as results an spectacular buttock lift. The procedure of healing after surgery permanently the result and accentuates it, in the following months. The surgery takes about 1 hour and is under general anaesthesia. Postoperatively, the patient stays one night in the hospital.

  The lift buttocks achieved with this surgery varies greatly from previously developed methods because it is much more painless, leaves minimal scarring which after some months disappear and achieves unique results buttock lifting something that was impossible with the older methods.