The enlargement of a man's breasts has various causes (obesity, hormonal).

  The surgical correction of gynecomastia is achieved by subcutaneous mastectomy with a small incision around the nipple and it could be liposuction if it is necessary.

  In a man the benign breast enlargement of the female-like one is characterized as gynecomastia. This magnification may be related to the mass gland, subcutaneous fat and skin. It's something unattractive to men because they can not hide their chest and are the subject of comments.

It can be divided into two different categories:

Pseudo-gynecomastia: maybe it is from a corpulence or the excess skin after weight loss.

In true gynecomastia: που οφείλεται σε πραγματικό πολλαπλασιασμό γαλακτοφόρων πόρων και του αδένος.

What are the causes?

  Pseudo-gynecomastia may be present in people that have corpulence and remain after weight loss. This is the main case where a surgery could be operated immediately, without looking for other causes.

  In true gynecomastia, there is an endocrine disorder that needs to be examined. In this case, if the cause is cured and gynecomastia remains, it will need surgery.


  Depending on the case you become either total or local anaesthesia and drunkenness. The total anaesthesia would be only if the mass gland removal is required.

  Two small holes are made on the skin of the breast area one on each side and with the Vibro-Lipo cannula, the fat is drawn. It is short, safe and does not leave scars. After surgery, wear a special corset. You can go home on the same day. The 2-3 sutures are removed in 8 days. Swelling and bruising leave in 1-2 weeks. The final shape will take about a month to look.

  In the case of excess skin, it is removed with incisions around the nipple and then carefully stapled. This technique minimizes postoperative signs.