Hand Surgery


As part of the hand surgery, we offer the following treatments.

Ganglion removal
  The ganglion is an acquired disease of the joints or tendons. It is the accumulation of synovial fluid in a compact form, which is tough, sometimes painful and occurs under the skin. This can be removed by local anesthesia and short-term surgery.

Ejection finger
  The thickening of the bending tendon bands causes a significant reduction in the tendon slip, resulting in the appearance of the shaking finger. Treatment is the breakdown of the particular zone.

Carpal tunnel syndrome, Ulnar  tube e.g. by Quervain
  The stenosis syndromes can be very painful. The main causes may be the work, advanced age, tumours, trauma or rheumatic disease. Treatment is primarily conservative with injections. If the treatment does not work then there is the solution of the surgery.

Dupuytren's disease
  Thickening and shrinkage of hand deprivation and deformity in one or more fingers. This can be painful and lead to stiffness of the fingers. The surgery of Dupuytren's disease denervation with extension to affected fingers is the main treatment.