Breast Reconstruction  


Breast cancer is the most common malignant tumor in women. According to current statistics, 10% of women are at risk of being ill during their lifetime. The disease can be detected by examinations and treated at a very early stage. The cure of the disease has increased significantly. In most cases, it is sufficient to maintain the breast in combination with appropriate chemotherapy and radiation therapies. More rarely, we are now proceeding to breast removal.

  Once the treatments have been completed, patients can proceed to the recovery of the breast. Patients' desire for breast reconstruction after surgery has increased. In addition to conventional methods with local flaps or implants, new prospects were provided by autologous tissue repair (falous or free flap).

  We offer all methods of reconstructive breast surgery. These include rehabilitation with implants or autologous tissue (predominantly TRAM or free Diep flap). Microsurgical abdominal tissue transplantation (Diep or TRAM) offers the patient more natural form and long lasting results.