Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

The reconstructive surgery procedures performed to correct abnormalities of the body caused by congenital conditions, injuries, accidents, infections, tumors or diseases.

Made to restore physiological functions or to reach the normal display.

Dr. Ιοαννισ Zarnavellis with extensive experience in the field of plastic surgery takes all kinds of reconstructive procedures.
Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

  Reconstructive Plastic Surgery can intervene both surgically and conservatively for the healing of injuries, diseases or tumor removal.

  It restores aesthetics and functionality to damaged tissues of the human body. This involves a wide range of diseases such as wounds, burns, malignant diseases in which it is preceded by an extensive destruction of tissue of the human body.

  Dr. I. Zarnavellis uses specialized techniques of reconstructive surgery - microsurgery for the aesthetic and functional repair of the resulting deficits.

Hand Surgery

Hand Surgery

  The Hand Surgery uses all the techniques of microsurgery. It is usually applied for rescuing - restoration of the hand or fingers after amputation or serious injury caused by crushing bone, muscle and tendons.

  The high functionality of the hand piece is a survival factor for the individual and therefore requires very precise surgeries.

  Injuries, finger mutilations, finger tumors and conjunctions are the most common problems that occur.

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